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This is my first blog and is a diary of the development of my understanding of this technology and the beginning of my public awareness campaign. As I began to understand more about electronic harassment you can see the progression of my blog. HateLisa does not mean Hate a person persay...the slogan is HateLisa but LoveYourself. Lisa is like "Tokyo Rose" a propaganda spreading female voice that is recognizable to all of the Palm Springs Victims. When I first started looking for other victims in our area I put up posters that said, "Do You Hate "Lisa" as much as I do?" and others in the community recognized this name and put up more was then I knew we had A LOT of victims in our area that needed my help!

Electronic Harassment Parent Coalition of Palm Springs -
Once I recognized that there were many victims in our area I understood the need to explain this crime to the parents of the victims. Nobody loves you like a parent. The ability to tell a parent what you are experiencing makes it easier to fight the crime. It also shows parents the past scams used by the criminals to take money from them even when they, themselves, are not implanted with these devices. Protecting families is just as important as protecting individuals. I love what I do for these parents and I NEVER ask for a dime from any of them...anyone that would, would probably be involved with the criminals. Love is free....torture is costly.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What Are We Saving Our Sons From???

For years there has been a movement in our country to stop the "Positive ID Corporation" from implementing the introduction of the Human BioChip into the general public.  The reason for this is exactly what the "SaveOurSons" Campaign is all about...a private family got a hold of this little monsters and decided to experiment on one section of the community to conduct what is known as Electronic Harassment.  If you think that this isn't possible, then remember back to your science classes...a person can conduct electricty enough to power a lightbulb from a simple potato.  Putting one of these micro chips inside the human body right at the temple of a victim can wreak all kinds of havoc with the targeted man.  You can literally receive radio transmissions to the chip so the victims can "Hear Voices" in the audio cortex of the brain which skips the process of using sound waves to hear.  Electrical impulses understood by the brain to be words and sentences appear to the brain like soundwaves carrying verbalizations. 

Think about it...How to astronauts in outer space hear?  There is no air to carry soundwaves...they hear via microwave hearing...airless communication.

One other thing that these chips do is transmit human EEGs to a cellular phone network which is tied into a computer program that deciphers the EEG's into translated human thought.  It's like that Dragon program that you speak in to and it translates your spoken word in to words on a page...EEG's make up everything a person sees, says, movement and everything about a person's thought (except feelings; feelings are inately human).  Literally by inserting one of these biochips at a human's temple or at the base of their neck below the skull allows a person ro read a person's thoughts remotely....the criminals have literally hacked in to the most perfect computer in the world without a firewall...THE HUMAN BRAIN.

In Palm Springs, a private family has done something even more sinister that most would think possible.  Using social networking online they lured gay men to homes where they were knocked out with a date rape drugs leaving them memoryless, but before they woke up many were sexually assaulted and implanted with these chips; giving the Johnson family access to over 300 brains. 

We are unique in Palm Springs in that almost every single victim of this crime is a GAY MAN.  Nearly 300 men, it is estimated have been illegally implanted over the past 15 years.  This means that the Johnson's have had access to bank accounts, personal information, and every aspect of these men's lives for fifteen long years....and the families of the victims are also targets.

To make matters worse...our police department also volunteered to experiment with this neural the criminals access to the gay community and law enforcement.   The Johnsons pitted the police against the gay community.  Using the information gained from the gay men to supply the police with illegal tip information that allowed the Johnsons to successfully run a large scale drug dealing operation...

For their part...the gay men were further victimized...being arrested for the smallest of victims was put in millions of dollars of mortgage fraud, one victim is the son of a movie mogul, others were priests, others were simply targeted because of their looks...the worst part for me is that many targets were chosen because they were friends of mine.  So now I am fighting back.

Our police department won't help because they will look like co conspirtors receiving promotions for arrests gained as fruit of the poisoned vine...and whenever the victims complain they are summarily arrested.  I was arrested five times without convictions but others weren't so lucky..they were sent to prison as a result of being a victim of this crime...further victimized.

This is a Hate is human experimentation and I ask all of you to help me to Save Our Sons from this violent and deadly torture.  Please stay informed!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Thank You For Coming to Save Our Sons!!! We Need Your Support!

If you are logging into this webpage there is a good chance that you have seen a dollar bill with this information.  I created this "special blog" just for you!

The EHPCPS blog and HateLisa blogs started out of necessity.  For 15 years I have been the victim of gang stalking and electronic harassment...I am the victim of one man, Junior Johnson, and his family living, at first in the San Diego area of California then they followed me to Palm Springs, California.

I will be working diligently to tell you how you can help save hundreds of men by helping me to spread the word about electronic harassment and gang stalking but the "Save Our Sons" Campaign is the most near and dear to my heart.

Can you imagine a man so obsessed with your life that he would actually shoot at you to get your attention?  Can you imagine that same man following you around and contacting every single person that he saw you with just to be close to you in some way?  Can you imagine what it would be like if that man and his family could read your mind?  What kind of access would this give this type of psychopathic stalker?

Electronic Harassment and Stalking is NOT a government conspiracy!  This type of harassment is not difficult to understand and the sooner that I can convince you that one family in one area of our United States has created hundreds of victims of this crime, then the sooner we can bring attention to the rest of the country for all of our sakes.

Please allow me to open your mind to the possibility that this is actually happening and that YOU TOO could one day be victimized by this crime.

The Electronic Harassment Parent Coalition of Palm Springs unites the victims of this silent crime with their parents and concerned citizens that have wanted answers for years...and the coalition provides these answers to that a dialogue between parent  and child (victim) can be established.

Please stay tuned for more information about this crime and reason why the Palm Springs Police Department refuses to help us!

Thank you and please return...I will work tirelessly to get the dollar bill campaign up and information to you!!!